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We are one of the most RECOGNIZED, respected EDUCATIONAL groups in Palm Beach County:


Our work is strongly supported by teachers and community leaders who look to the Center for Creative Education for innovative ways to engage children in learning and to fill their after-school hours with constructive, creative and educational activities.

Our staff and more than 40 Teaching Artists provide programming that currently fits into two program categories, In-School and Out-of-School activities, and is augmented by programming at our new building in the Historic Northwood Village area of West Palm Beach.

We have created very strong collaborative partnerships with other arts agencies. Past collaborations have been with: The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, The Norton Museum of Art, The Kravis Center, The Morikami Museum, Mounts Botanical Garden, Klein Dance, The Preservation Foundation, The Historical Society of Palm Beach County and The Palm Beach Zoo.


Project LEAP // In-School PROGRAM

Learning through Educational Arts Partnerships

LEAP integrates the arts and academic curriculum. The goal of LEAP is to help teachers and students meet state standards, while doing it in a creative, memorable and engaging way.  Our program focuses on content areas such as math, science, social studies and literacy,using the arts as a tool to teach key concepts and lessons. Children are encouraged to move beyond basic knowledge and comprehension, into the realms of application, analysis, evaluation and creativity. 

LEAP brings Teaching Artists and classroom teachers into lively and successful collaborations, offering new and creative ways for students to learn. In this team teaching method, Teaching Artists and teachers create a dynamic partnership, creating lesson plans and working together to teach students through arts integration.  Our professional artists collaborate with classroom teachers, resource teachers, and therapists to develop and implement arts-based lesson plans for traditional subject matter. 

You may support LEAP for a classroom of children for 10 weeks by making a $1,200 donation to the Center for Creative Education.  

Look What We Made!         2

Kids can learn about science by reading a book, or by creating one.  The second graders at Freedom Shores Elementary School worked with the Center for Creative Education and a local author to build a book from scratch! 



YOU CAN BUY THIS BOOK and support the Center's work:


CADRE // After-School PROGRAM

Creative Arts Designed to Reinforce Education

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Made possible through support from Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc* which receives significant funding from the Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County, Inc.

CADRE– brings arts and humanities-based activities to out-of-school programs in low-income communities at the time of day when youth need structured, yet fun and engaging, activities. These programs move beyond traditional arts-and-crafts, instead using arts-based programming to help youth improve their self-awareness and discover skills and talents that might otherwise not be developed during the traditional school day.

Unlike programs which present transportation and material fees as obstacles, CADRE programming is offered at community centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, Palm Beach County Elementary and Middle Schools as well as faith-based after school programs. Schools may purchase CCE’s CADRE programs, or they may be subsidized in low-income areas by the Children’s Services Council through their “Prime Time” program.  

CADRE’s most compelling quality is its focus on complete accessibility of area young people to the true artistic process and expression as a way to build inner strength, discipline, and personal vision, while reinforcing classroom curricula. It also builds a caring relationship between a professional Teaching Artist and a small group of students who are in critical need of mentoring and support.

The artists in the CADRE program are active professionals in their own disciplines. Youth are provided high-quality experiences in music, theatre, visual arts, dance and/or literary arts.  CADRE provides them a previously untapped connection with their own community and peers, a “reality check” about jobs in the arts and other fields, and - most importantly - a means of creative, personal expression.


Discover Series //  In-House PROGRAM

Help your child discover their passion for the arts!

The Center for Creative Education is beginning a new program that will allow 3rd grade students to take an exciting journey through the arts. The Discover Series will take kids on a tour of music, dance, theater, visual arts and media arts.

Every month the students will explore a different art form; they’ll have four classes taught by a professional artist and a live performance, interactive activity or a demonstration given by a local arts group. They will sing, dance, act, create, play and perform! What better way for your child to find out about the world of art and discover their interests.

Generous scholarships are available.

Lot 23

CCE is thrilled to offer free classes through “LOT 23”, a city funded program that we have been contracted to oversee for the City of West Palm Beach.  This program was established to build the community by enlisting artists to teach at the Center and other community venues throughout Northwood/Pleasant City; in exchange, the City provides the artists with reduced rent in a city-owned apartment building.

Click for more info on these current classes:




Prime Time is our largest program sponsor.  They receive substantial funding from the Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County.

Prime Time has contracted with the Center for Creative Education (CCE) to provide arts and culture experiences for youth in afterschool programs since 2005. 

"Over the years, CCE has not only increased the number of children it served each year totaling more than 65,000 youth, CCE staff has also continued to improve the already high quality services they offer."

Diana Sinisterra, Ph.D., Director of Research & Evaluation, Prime Time Palm Beach County

Prime Time has measured this progress primarily through youth surveys.  Once a year, Prime Time conducts a survey to assess youth’s satisfaction and experience with our enhancement offerings.  The youth survey consists of 18 statements that correspond to seven high quality afterschool programming concept areas— Instructor Rating, Interest, New Learning, Challenge, Lead Mentor, Choice, and Reflection.  The youth must choose whether they strongly agree, agree, disagree, or strongly disagree.  The youths’ answers are coded from 1-4, 1 representing the lowest level of agreement and 4 representing the highest level of agreement.  Prime Time considers a score of 3 to represent quality programming.


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